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A science centre is a popular scientific experience – as well as a learning centre for technology and the natural sciences. The centres' primary concern is conveying the excitement of scientific work and experiments, rather than just the scientific results. Science centres invite people of all ages to experience this and are especially targeting schoolchildren and youth.

Science centres emphasise interactivity and are aimed at people as thinkers, creators and users rather than passive consumers and spectators. The visitors are not told what the world is like; they are inspired to find out for themselves.

All our exhibits are physically interactive and through rigorous design and evaluation they are proven to be cognitively engaging. No matter how complex the underlying phenomena may be, Visitors soon feel free to play with them in a safe, informal atmosphere and overcome their fears whilst increasing their understanding and skills.

This type of interactive exhibition was first adopted by Deutsches Museum in Munich, Germany, in the early 20th century. The museum created an interactive part of their exhibition where visitors were encouraged pull levers and push buttons that moved the objects on display.

This concept was taken to the USA where a separate interactive museum was built an opened around 1933. In later years, this type of science centre has opened in different places, and VilVite is one of the latest additions to these engaging and innovative science centres. There are currently more than 3,500 science centres worldwide.

One of VilVite's primary goals is to inspire and motivate children and youth to learn more about the natural sciences and technology and choose an education in these subjects in order to secure recruitment within these fields in Norway.



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