Watch 3D Animated films at VilVite

We have the pleasure of showing exciting and fun 3D films in our science theater. The calendar (Norwegian) has more information about screening times. 

3D glasses are handed out in the theater at the beginning of every show.


Robin Hood

Robin Hood – takes you back through history. Can the legendary Robin save the beautiful Maid Marian from the clutches of the evil Sheriff of Nottingham?

Suitable for all ages. Duration approx. 10 minutes.
This movie is without dialogue/subtitles, and is thus suitable for everybody regardless of mother tongue.


The Lost World

Bob is a stessed CEO traveling to an abandoned island for a sorely needed vacation. The island is the perfect place for relaxation with sandy beaches and palm trees... until it turns out to be inhabited by prehistoric dinosaurs. Join Bob and Professor Lizzie on their wild chase through the jungle as they escape the great beasts from The Lost World

Suitable for children 6 years and up, and adults. Duration approx. 12 minutes



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