Explore the exhibition

Welcome to a world of science and technology, where children and adults together can play, learn and explore. The main exhibition is full of exhibits of interest to anyone: water experiments, robots, globes, virtual expeditions over and under water – and much, much more.

A selection of some of our most popular attractions

The G-Force

The only one of its kind in Europe! Defy gravity and feel the G-force.

Weather forecast

Try your hand as a weather presenter and watch your forecast on TV afterwards.


Play with waterspouts and pumps, or explore renewable energy with dams and power plants.

Art machine

Work together to create a colourful piece of art that you can send by email.

Subsea technology VR

Explore an oil installation 850 meters under the sea .

Stand in a bubble

How large bubbles can you make?

The Deck and the Depth

See how oil forms in the Depth, then manage an oil drilling operation on the Deck.

Mini building site

Operate a crane, build with blocks and work together to construct a house.

Hang time

Can you float in the air? For how long?



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