Brain and guts

Our newest exhibition lets you explore the communication between the grain and the gut. 

Did you know that your intestine is the host of an infinite number of bacteria that all have important roles in your body, and that keeps you healthy? Our new exhibition lets you explore how the brain and your gut work together. And remember, ask not only what the bacteria can do for you, but what you can do for your bacteria!

The exhibition is build like a long tunnel, and will be interesting for everybody that has a body. Explore the favourite food of the bacteria in your gut, help send nerve signals, or take a virtual journey to the inside of the brain!

The Bacteria Feeder
Did you know that the bacteria in your intestine helps your brain working as it should?

Brain signals
Travel around inside the brain. Use the buttons and joystick to guide you. 

The synapse
Discover how signals are sent between nerve cells.



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