Tickets 2020

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This summer you can choose between a ticket valid from:
1) 10.15 am – 1.15 pm
2) 2 pm – 5 pm

Thank you for buying your tickets online. The get the most out of your visit, we recomend you come at the start of your chosen time slot. 

Our prices varies.
See prices for school days, weekends and holidays. 

Holiday and weekends:

Children  Free  0 – 2 years
Children  NOK 165  3 – 15 years
 Student  NOK 165  
 Adult  NOK 190  

 NOK 620  

 2 adults + 2 children or
 1 adult + 3 children
 Per extra child    NOK 95  For any additional child
 when buying a family ticket.

School day prices: 

 Children  Free  0 – 2 years
 Children  NOK 150  3 – 15 years
 Student  NOK 150  
 Adult  NOK 180  

 NOK 580  

 2 adults + 2 children or
 1 adult + 3 children
 Per extra child  NOK 90  For any additional child
 when buying a family ticket.
 Schools /
   See separate page 


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Bergen Card
With the Bergen Card you travel for free with public transport in the city, and get free or discounted admission to a selection of museums and attractions. 
Buy the Bergen Card at

Discounts at VilVite with Bergen Card:
1st January - 19st June: Free
20th June - 16th August: 50 % discount
17th August - 31st December: Free

Annual Passes

Buy an annual pass and enjoy access to VilVite for a whole year; all activities are included with the pass. If you plan to visit VilVite at least 3 times a year (date to date), you save money by purchasing an annual pass.

For children you can buy a “We2”-pass, which is valid for one child accompanied by one adult.

Extra benefits with an Annual Pass
If you wish to bring friends and family along, the pass gives you a 20 % disount on up to four regular tickets. You also get a 10% discount in the science shop VilFinne.

 Child or Student  NOK 390
 Adult  NOK 565
 1 child + 1 adult (“Vi2”)  NOK 1090

Buy annual pass

Groups of 20 people or more get a 20 % ticket discount. This discount does not apply to groups or people who already have a discounted ticket price, such as schoolchildren or students

BT-Card Discount
If you subscribe to the newspaper BT (Bergens Tidende), you will get a 25 % discount on 2 tickets. This discount is valid anytime, but cannot be combined with other discounts.



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